UW-ELAST is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of molded products in polyurethane, including Vulkollan® and our own Slitan. We have long and solid experience as a problem solver and supplier to the industry. Our dialogues with maintenance people, designers and product developers has given us extensive experience of any wear, abrasion and corrosion issues. Everything from large membranes and rollers to centimetre-sized seals has been on our table to produce.

With carefully selected polyurethane qualities, we coat, cast or spray the products to achieve maximum service life. For the best possible result, we like to be included already in the planning stage. This makes it possible to find the optimal solution together with you as a customer.

We are not a large and fully automated industry. Most of the steps in the process are pure craftsmanship that requires great care. Skilled craftsmen are what is required to maintain high and consistent quality from beginning to the final product.


Our customers and partners are found in a large number of industries. Everything from large, heavy and well-known steel and paper industries, to small and medium-sized companies invest in our know-how for safer operations and better products. Feel free to ask us for references.


As a subcontractor, UW-ELAST develops, design and manufacture products in polymeric materials with specific properties in terms of elasticity and durability.
With extensive experience as a problem solver, extensive material knowledge and leading production methods, we design customized solutions and are involved from idea to finished product.