We are Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of solid cast and sprayed polyurethane products. We have a long and deep experience as problem solvers and supplier to many different industries. Our ongoing dialogue with maintenence and construction specialists and product designers has alerted us to a wide range of wear and corrosion problems. Everything from large membranes and rollers, to centimetre-sized sealants can be produced.

Using carefully chosen qualities of polyurethane, we apply coating, casting and injection-moulding processes to achieve products with optimum durability and longevity. We prefer to be involved in new production projects already during the planning and design stage to be able to research the best solution together with our customer.

We are not a large and automated industry. Most of our work processes require unique craftsmanship and precision performance by skilled workmen who are able to maintain the same high and even quality throughout the production process.


Our customers and business partners represent a great number of industries, ranging from large international companies within the steel and paper industries, to small middle-sized companies investing in our reliable and strong products.
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UW-ELAST - Mariestad Sweden

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