Gotlands Gummifabrik AB is a manufacturing company with rubber as its speciality. Since May 2012, Gotlands Gummifabrik is owned by UW-ELAST and is thus part of the Garpco Group. Gotlands Gummifabrik AB in turn owns TM Rubber, which has its production in Poland. These are mainly products with silicone as a material.

The customers are in many different industries and the components that are made of rubber and silicone range from small details to more complex products. There is also a standardized range that includes, for example, rubber feet, rubber bushings and cable glands. Manufacturing takes place in collaboration with the customer and with great flexibility. Gotlands Gummifabrik has its own mold workshop with a high mechanical standard, which means that both prototype and production tools can be developed with a short lead time.

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