UW-ELAST AB was founded in 1975 by Uno Widström (Uno Widström – Elastomer Materials) after having been a department of Perfoverken in Mariestad since 1968. The material that was so unique that it became a separate business was called polyurethane and came originally from DU PONT.
Initially production was dominated by membranes to ASEA’s Quintus press for metal sheet forming. Over the years, the number of products and applications increased, rollers, wheels, dampers etc.

A major effort began to take shape in the mid 90’s and 1996 it resulted in a quality system certification according to ISO 9002. Later that year UW-ELAST was acquired by Garpco AB. Certification of the environmental system according to ISO14001 was clear in 1999.

Year 2000 the company Industripolyuretan AB in Mariestad was acquired with its turnover of over 14M and 10 employees. This acquisition broadened the business with production methods beyond the traditional hot casting, with Ribbon-Flow for polyurethane coatings of large rollers, spray coating of polyurethane and injection moulding of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).

Year 2004 the company Interpur AB was acquired and it was manly working with spray coatings.

Today UW-ELAST:s product line has significantly expanded and deliveries are made to a varity of Scandinavia's leading companies.

Year 2007 Trekollan AB in Traryd was acquired with its turnover of 22M and 20 emplyees. Through this acquisition we had access to the production of Vulkollan® through a licens of BaySystems® and its own brand Trekollan®. Trekollan AB was founded in 1993 but has its roots in the Trelleborg Group. At the end of 2010, Trekollan AB was integrated in UW-ELAST AB and currently run the business in Traryd as a pure production plant.

Today UW-ELAST:s product line has significantly expanded and deliveries are made to a varity of Scandinavia’s leading companies. Our commitment is to give the highest possible service and quality to provide our customers with the technical and total financial solution through extensive knowledge in design, calculation and choice of material.