UW-ELASTs produktionsenhet i småländska Traryd

At UW-ELAST’s production unit in Traryd, Småland, about 15 people work with mainly manufacturing various wear products in Trekollan, a material for such widely used areas of use as scrapers, concrete linings, wheel and roller coatings.

Flexible manufacturing and fast adjustments

– Our greatest strength, as I see it, is that we can handle a flexible production and quickly change our production according to our customers’ wishes! In addition, we can complete the production in Mariestad very easily, says Anders Bjernalt who is the site manager for UW-ELAST in Traryd.

The factory in Traryd went – before it was incorporated into UW-ELAST in 2007 – under the name “Trekollan”, which today is one of UW-ELAST’s brands. The material has a number of very good properties, such as extremely high abrasion resistance and tear strength.

In addition to pure production of new parts in different qualities, UW-ELAST in Traryd also has the opportunity to refine products via water cutting or punching of self-made tiles. Now there is also an investment in injection molding.

Fabriken i Traryd

Quick adjustments


– Thanks to our machines and the flexibility of our material, we never have any problems switching production if a customer has tight time frames or special requirements, says Anders Bjernalt.

Development within UW-ELAST’s production areas is ongoing. This means that you do not settle down but constantly stay up to date on both new materials and new mechanical equipment.

– When UW-ELAST took over the business in 2007, it meant, among other things, that we got an owner with completely different muscles than we had before. In addition, we got a management that really believes in what we do and that also invests in new machines so that we can continue our positive development, says Anders Bjernalt.

– An example of this is that we are building a completely new blasting plant which means that we can ensure our customers’ requirements for adhesion to metal, for example when we coat highly loaded wheels and rollers with polyurethane, Anders Bjernalt concludes but adds: Our slogan for a long time is: “Stop and prove it!”