UW-ELAST AB acquires Sonoform AB

UW-ELAST AB, which is part of the Garpco group, acquires Sonoform AB, which is a world-leading producer of polyurethane composite boards. Pressrelease_Sonoform eng


Welcome Magnus – New technical salesman at UW-ELAST AB.

Fr.o.m. november 1, Magnus joins UW-ELAST as a new technical salesman. Magnus has 20 years of experience from the industry with sales of polyurethane, rubber and silicone materials. In the role of technical salesman, Magnus will be responsible for southern Sweden and Denmark, where he will work together with our customers and assist with his [...]


Closed for summervacation week 28-31.

UW-ELAST AB is closed for summervacation week 28-31. We wish you all a fantastic and sunny vacation and look forward to coming back in August with a happy mood and continuing our cooperation. Once again, this year's summer picture is a fantastic picture taken by Susanne Sune Lindwall of Mariestad's harbor area and guest harbor [...]


The right material makes a big difference for both our clients and the environment!

"You will not be able to sell us any more rollers now! ”, said the voice on the phone, as UW-ELAST’s salesman Jimmy Andersson answered. It was a representative of Gränges Finspång AB speaking. And even though there was some truth to the statement, it wasn't actually bad news for UW-ELAST. Instead it confirmed the [...]


Exciting acquisition of Loxitec AB

Now our latest acquisition is ready, Loxitec AB will be our subsidiary from 12 May-2021. Loxitec has its operations in Burseryd with a focus on customized details, primarily foamed polyurethane. The company has 24 employees and has been active since 1983. Their customers are primarily Scandinavian industrial companies operating in a wide variety of industries. [...]


UW-ELAST AB launches climate-compensated Polyurethane

UW-ELAST takes a big step for a greener future In 2021, UW-ELAST will take an important step in order to compensate for our emissions of greenhouse gases. We have decided that all polyurethane produced by us should be green. Naturally, the actual material can be ordered in different colours, but in terms of climate-friendliness, we have decided [...]


UW-ELAST passes magical limit of 1000 kg

THE LARGEST POLYURETHANE MOLD IN OUR COMPANY'S HISTORY The excitement in UW-ELAST's production facility in Mariestad was on top in the morning on Tuesday November 24th. The largest polyurethane casting to date in UW-ELAST's history was to be carried out. There was a great commotion and a lot of staff were involved to be on [...]

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