If you want to be Scandinavia’s leading company in the molding and spraying of products in polyurethane, it is important not to settle down and rest on your laurels. Therefore, UW-ELAST conducts continuous research work on various material properties to try to find new applications as well as new material mixtures.

Our continuous competence and further development increases our ability to truly understand our customers’ needs and thus what properties the materials we develop should have. Our experience means that we know how to use the products and how to proceed in our work when we develop new materials. Thanks to the fact that we have a large flexible machine park and a broad material portfolio, we can tailor suitable material for each application.


The research and development work within UW-ELAST involves finding the specific properties that are not automatically included in the standard materials we buy, mainly from France, the USA and Germany.

Every year, we produce more than 300 tons of elastomers for our customers. This can be compared with five tonnes during our first financial year, or 70 tonnes in 1999.
All our development takes place according to customer inquiries. This means that we develop new products directly for each customer’s needs. As there are no standardized test methods for what we produce, we carry out the tests and tests required to guarantee the quality that our customers have the right to expect. In our laboratory, we perform continuous testing on, for example, tensile strength, settling, fatigue, abrasion, etc. Of course, we also perform chemical analysis on constituent raw materials.

Developing a new material can take anywhere from five months up to five years! Very special requirements can consequently lead to a very long development time. It is the customers’ needs and wishes that govern our business and which are the spice of our lives. We often work very closely with our customers
to be able to contribute with our specialist competence at an early stage in the customers’ development projects. This means that we often tailor solutions as only
fits a unique customer!