UW-ELAST takes a big step for a greener future

100% klimatkompenserat, UW-ELAST ABIn 2021, UW-ELAST will take an important step in order to compensate for our emissions of greenhouse gases. We have decided that all polyurethane produced by us should be green. Naturally, the actual material can be ordered in different colours, but in terms of climate-friendliness, we have decided not to compromise any more.

For several years, we have been actively working to reduce our climate footprint, and now we are taking the step to become the first company to offer climate-compensated polyurethane.

UW-ELAST actively works to reduce our climate impact in three different ways:

  • By always offering customers the right polyurethane of the highest possible quality
  • By constantly working to reduce our climate footprint through active improvements in our value chain
  • By compensating for the greenhouse gas emissions that still occur as an effect of our operations, both directly and indirectly

We believe that the most environmentally friendly product is the one that never needs to be manufactured. It might seem like a strange corporate strategy, but it’s not!

The idea is that when we offer the right polyurethane of the highest possible quality, the customer gets a product with a long lifecycle.

This is a good strategy for all parts involved – the customer, UW-ELAST and of course the climate!

Reducing our climate footprint is a long-term effort that requires systematics and perseverance. But no product lasts forever, not even the polyurethane from UW-ELAST.

Therefore we constantly work with processes to minimize greenhouse gas emissions throughout our entire production chain. Everything from raw material production, to delivery of the finished product to the end customer.

We have chosen to follow the international standard Green House Gas Protocol to calculate our total climate footprint. This is partly in order to clearly map out what we should work with to improve, and partly because it enables us to be fully honest and transparent towards customers and other stakeholders.

Climate compensation is a voluntary initiative from our side, with the aim of leading the way for the entire industry.


Yes, of course, it’s right. Naturally, the very best thing would be if we could reduce our direct and indirect emissions to zero. However, this is virtually an impossible task for any company, because everything we do that affects our environment has a net contribution that consumes resources and thus contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

But by buying an emission reduction of the same order of magnitude elsewhere, we can actively reduce emissions. UW-ELAST has taken the decision to do this in order to contribute to a better future.

Tricorona and UW-Elast AB have entered into an agreement under which Tricorona compensates for the climate impact from the business with Gold Standard projects.

Read more about our initiatives and how we calculate our climate footprint.