Our owner Garpco has once again given us the opportunity to expand our production facility in Mariestad! On the 27th of August the board approved the request to rise a new building. The new building will be a warehouse for moulds used to cast polyurethane products. The huge amount of customers and products requires a significant space of storage. By this investment all moulds can be stored adjacent to the production unit instead of in an external building. The new warehouse will measure approximately 1100 m2 and will be ready by summer 2022, says project manager Ulf Svartén.

Rising a building is a big investment and a complex project which affects the production unit in many ways. The new warehouse has numerous of benefits, and by asking the personal at UW-ELAST we easily can get a glimpse of the different aspects of this investment.

It´s a great step forward for our future expansion of UW-ELAST” – Henrik Jungert, CEO

Less external transportation of moulds will reduce our carbon footprint, and the building will be a new landmark for travellers passing by the south entrance of Mariestad” – Magnus Ahl, Sustainability Manager & Site Manager

A new in-house warehouse will increase our health and safety for our staff and improve the structure of moulds which will lead to enhanced productivity” – Marcus Söderström, Production Manager

It´s a really good business case with a great pay-off” – Catharina Eklöf, Financial Manager

A warehouse close to our production will increase our possibility to lower the lead-time of customer orders” – Lars Lundholm, Marketing Manager

Despite our different perspectives and focus, we all agree that a new building is a great step forward for UW-ELAST!