Fr.o.m. november 1, Magnus joins UW-ELAST as a new technical salesman. Magnus has 20 years of experience from the industry with sales of polyurethane, rubber and silicone materials.

In the role of technical salesman, Magnus will be responsible for southern Sweden and Denmark, where he will work together with our customers and assist with his expertise to provide the best possible service and support. Magnus will also represent our subsidiaries Gotlands Gummifabrik, Loxitec and TM Rubber.

“It is exciting to be a part of UW-ELAST AB. To work in a company with such a long history in the polyurethane industry and to also represent the entire polymer group with also rubber, silicone and thermoplastics. Together with my colleagues and our customers, we will create a fantastic future, ”says Magnus.

“We have managed the pandemic fantastically well and are in an expansive phase where all the companies in the polymer group have very good growth. It feels very good to have Magnus in our sales team with his competence and energy”, says Lars Lundholm, Marketing Manager at UW-ELAST AB.