Over the past seven years, our deliveries to the offshore industry have increased considerably.

Our production for this sector currently includes dynamic bend stiffeners, static bend stiffeners, bend  restrictors and cable and flow line protection. In developing offshore solutions, our long experience in the aerospace, automotive and heavy engineering industries has been extremely valuable. Our designs additionally benefit from the use of 3D software and all the necessary analytical tools.

UW-ELAST AB has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification.

Oil & Gas

UW ELAST AB regularly supplies products to the offshore industry and companies operating in the marine sector.

Daily deliveries here include dynamic bend stiffeners, static bend stiffeners, bend restrictors and cable and flow line protection.

Our long experience in the heavy engineering industry has been of great benefit in developing solutions for this particular business sector. Over the years, large, fatigue-resistant, quality-assured, custom-made, highly complex products have become one of our specialities. Indeed, the company’s roots were in highly advanced (and well documented) production for the aerospace industry. Besides all the necessary analytical tools, we also use 3D design software. We are now the first-choice supplier for a number of cable manufacturers as well as engineering and installation companies.

Offshore Wind

We supply the offshore wind industry with different types of protection for power cables. Typical parts here include bend restrictors, bends stiffeners and J-tube seals.

Renewables (tidal & wave)

We are presently involved in a couple of development projects with go-ahead, Scandinavian, blue-energy companies.