UW-ELAST designs, develops and manufactures polyurethane products.

UW-ELAST designs, develops and manufactures polyurethane products

Why use polyurethane?

  • Resistant to mechanical abrasion.
  • Can handle continuous operating temperatures from around -40°C to approximately +80°C.
  • Good resistance to water and resistant to oil, petrol and many chemicals.
  • Very strong adhesion to other materials (metal, plastic, concrete, etc.).
  • Sound damping properties can advantageously be used in cladding for chutes, cisterns, scrap conveyors, etc.

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Examples of our current polyurethane products

Wear parts: Cyclones, diaphragms, scrapers, seals, pump linings, bushings, springs, plough blade skid pads, etc.
Coatings: Rollers, wheels, sheets, transport wheels, chutes, tumblers, vibrating feeders, etc.

Polyurethane’s many names

Vulkollan®, Slitan®, TPU and Trekollan® are the polyurethane grades we supply. Polyurethane goes by many names, each manufacturer using its own brand for its grade. Adiprene®, Vibrathane®, Royalcast®, Hyperlast®, Eladip®, Baytec®, Desmodur®, Elasturan®, Elastocoat®, Ureflex®, Imuthane®, Versathane®, Monothane®, Rotakote®, Castomer®, Elastollan®, etc. are all well-known names on the market.

Based on your needs, we formulate and supply the material grade that is most appropriate for you.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries about polyurethane.