Hot casting is perhaps the most common method of manufacturing and casting a polyurethane part.

Almost 90 percent of our business is molded products in polyurethane. The focus of our work is always to develop components that cover our customers’ needs, regardless of whether they are shorter or longer series. In our world, a long series can consist of two identical parts.
Not infrequently, we get to participate in developing parts in molded polyurethane that have previously been manufactured in other materials. When we get involved in an early stage of development, we can, thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, often produce details in very high quality and with retained or even improved properties compared to traditional materials.
Our molded parts are found in large parts of the heavier industry; offshore, energy, mechanical engineering, steel and paper, mines and automotive. We usually jokingly say; – It should not be easy, then everyone can do it!


A mold is manufactured to limit the dimensions of the finished part. In this way, we can manufacture wheels, rollers, machine parts, dampers, membranes, etc. with requirements for excellent material properties. Details in sizes from a few grams up to several hundred kilos can be manufactured. Many cases involve products with a metal core which then has a wear surface with polyurethane, also called a coating. Hot casting is also used for re-coating.

The method is suitable for small and medium-sized series.

Ex. Contact roller, Back pressure rollers for embossing rollers, seals, etc.