Extremely durable and completely insensitive to mold oil. Available for all mixers.
The sealing rings are available with spring steel reinforcement (left ring) and without (right ring).

The sealing ring in Trekollan has a longer life span. It is available in several different hardnesses with and without spring steel cast. Of course, we make the ring according to your wishes. The following sizes are always in stock: Yd 1190, Id 800 Bravo FoxYd 1100 Id 780 Zinda, SermecYd 1000 Id 700 Lasco, Sermec, Zinda, Bravo Fox, Nello Yd 950 Id 700 Zinda

  • Easier to inspect and clean.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Seals better between hatch and inlet.
  • Significantly longer service life than rubber.