Plates in polyurethane – “polyurethane plates”

Plates in polyurethane – “polyurethane plates”

We manufacture polyurethane tiles in the format 1000 x 2000 mm in thicknesses from 1.5 mm and up as desired. The hardness of our polyurethane tiles is from 50 Shore A to 80 Shore D, from soft elastic to hard and stiff. The areas of use are several. Some examples of uses for a polyurethane board are that you can cut, often with the help of water cutting, gaskets, cushions and seals. The plates are well suited for blanks for processing. They can also be used as surface protection that is glued or laid loosely on various forms of work surfaces. An example of such a surface can be a workbench in a workshop, but there are many other areas of use where one has the use of such a protective surface. A major advantage of polyurethane in this context is its resistance to oils and solvents. Contact us at UW-ELAST AB for more information about the solution with polyurethane tiles.



Production method:
Mold casting – casting details in polyurethane



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