For products that have a coating with polyurethane, such as contact rollers, rollers, truck wheels and other types of wheels, we offer re-coating. The whole idea of, for example, embankment coating (product surface-treated with polyurethane) is to extend the life of the product. The solution is re-coating of surface treatment with polyurethane where the product is often completely like new.

UW-ELAST makes recurring coating of a number of different products, where some examples are:

  • Drive wheels and feed wheels, ie wheels that drive and/or feed something.
  • Crawler wheels coated with polyurethane.
  • Line wheels
  • Contact rollers
  • transport roller
  • Truck wheels
  • Grinder wheels
  • Rollers and rollers

Common to these products is usually that they have a metal core coated with polyurethane in this case. Coating can further extend the life of these products. The manufacturing methods when coating and re-coating vary a bit, most often it is about hot casting (mold casting) or Ribbon-flow. See also roller coating with Ribbon-flow. The latter method is used when it comes to re-coating and re-coating of rollers in larger dimensions. When it comes to wheels and rollers as well as smaller rollers, the method of hot casting is most often used for both coating and re-coating.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding polyurethane coatings.