The polyurethane industry has always been fascinating and multifaceted. Never before however, have we seen as much effort being put into the development of properties and process characteristics, as in recent years.

After years of discussions, the EU’s regulatory body for chemicals – Reach – has banned the use of MOCA (MBOCA) as of November 2017. This chemical is used as curing agent in many material systems used within the industry. It is being banned due to its health hazardous impact on us who are handling it during the manufacturing process. The chemical is not hazardous in the finished product, where it has been fully reacted into polyurethane.

We have worked intensively with development and implementation of new material systems during the last 10 years. Through our process knowledge and the most advanced machinery in northern Europe, we have today a multitude of alternative materials to those that are now being phased out. Further, we have a well-equipped laboratory where we can assist in verifying many different material properties.

In most cases, the material substitution will not be noticed or rather be perceived as a positive. Nevertheless, we fully understand and respect that each application has its unique properties. We recommend you make contact with us, for any of your products that you deem being of critical importance to you.

If you have a product or application containing any of the following materials, please be aware these can not be delivered after November 2017:

  • Slitan 60A-03
  • Slitan 70A-10
  • Slitan 80A-21
  • Slitan 80A-71
  • Slitan 90A-01
  • Slitan 90A-13
  • Slitan 90A-17
  • Slitan 95A-08
  • Slitan 50D-04
  • Slitan 60D-05
  • Slitan 70D-06

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