Our dynamic and static bend stiffeners are designed and manufactured to meet stringent customer specifications.

Polymers and steels are skilfully selected and analysed to ensure the satisfaction of bend-radius, fatigue, bolt-force and environmental resistance requirements. Our facilities have all the necessary equipment for testing stress, strain, compression set and fatigue. We have supplied thousands of bend stiffeners over the past few years.

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Explanation of Bend Stiffeners

A Bend Stiffener protects a cable or flow line from over bending and damage due to fatigue. They are made individually to meet a specification given by the end-user in a global analysis.

Bend Stiffeners are designed to sustain dynamic- or static loads in various environmental surroundings.

According to the load cases received we make the design including the metal interface and make the local analysis of the effect of the extreme loads (MBR) and the fatigue resistance. Only very well known and approved high performance polyurethane materials are used. The steel interface structure is designed to give smooth transitions between the polyurethane and steel with a minimum of stress concentrations. We use state of the art analysis tools such as ANSYS and Abacus.

The moldings are performed under very exact and controlled conditions where the ratio of the raw material used is dosed and mixed by means of state of art machinery.

Many of our products for the Offshore Industry are special customized solutions.

Double Pipe Bend Stiffener

This Double Pipe BendStiffener is another sample of a typical project completed for one of our clients. We received a specification from the customer and began the stroll down the trail. After several suggestions and drawing sent back and forth we ended up with a nice device no one have seen before.

The Double Pipe Bend Stiffener was born!

This is a typical example of how innovation and creativeness and close corporation with clients result in new products.