Vulkollan® is one of the elastomers offering the best performance levels on the market. Its extreme capabilities are continually solving new problems and bringing optimisation and cost-reduction to users. UW-ELAST AB has long had a licence for producing Vulkollan® from Covestro.

We currently supply Vulkollan®-grades in hardnesses between 60 Shore A and 95 Shore A.




The Vulkollan® manufacturing process

Vulkollan® is a cross-linked elastomer comprising polyols (ester) with diisocyanates – naphthalene diisocyanate (NDI). Manufacturing takes place is in several stages through chemical reactions. The process is extremely precise and time-consuming. After meticulous mixing of the constituent components in accordance with an established formula, the material is cast in preheated moulds.

Depending on material thickness, the post-curing process requires several weeks of curing at room temperature (at least 25°C) interspersed with post-curing at 110°C. Not allowing the recommended post-curing time has a negative effect on the quality of the components. Consequently, delivery time should normally be from 4 to 6 weeks.

The properties of Vulkollan®

Vulkollan® has many fantastic properties. The mechanical and dynamic properties are particularly prominent and often provide solutions in the most demanding applications. Dynamic properties as a wheel material are an extremely strong advantage of Vulkollan®. To these can be added high loading capacity and suitability for high-speed applications.

We use a Vulkollan® coating on high-performance wheels in/on, for example, mills, free fall mixers, roller coasters, etc. Damping elements, scrapers and plough blades are amongst other suitable applications.

The advantages of Vulkollan®

  • Withstands high dynamic loads.
  • High tear resistance.
  • Good resistance to UV radiation, ozone, fats and oils.
  • Low-temperature dependence.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Low permanent deformation.
  • High shock elasticity.

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