Trekollan® is the polyurethane we manufacture at our plant in Traryd. This polyurethane grade offers very good properties.  The plant’s great flexibility means that switches between our material grades can be made extremely quickly. We currently supply Trekollan® grades between 25 Shore A and 60 Shore D.

Manufacturing process

Trekollan® is a cross-linked elastomer that, depending on grade, can comprise ester or ether polyols with diisocyanates – methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) or toluene diisocyanate (TDI). Manufacture is in several stages through chemical reactions. The process is extremely meticulous and is carried out either by a mixing machine or by hand. This gives us great flexibility. Whatever the grade of material, post-curing at around 110°C for at least 16 hours is required.

Material properties

Trekollan Trekollan® has many fantastic properties

Grades based on ester polyols are characterised by very high abrasion resistance and tearing strength. Scrapers, wear plates, linings for concrete, damping washers and plough blades are amongst the suitable applications.

Grades based on ether polyols are characterised by good hydrolysis resistance, low heat build-up and high impact resilience. Suitable applications include washing equipment (environments where the material is exposed to heat and water), tuyere protection (large angle of impact), wheels (low heat build-up), etc.

There are also grades that, with very good resistance to solvents, are extremely suitable for applicator (paint) rolls. Similarly, there are grades that have FDA approval and can thus be used in foodstuffs handling.


  • High abrasion resistance.
  • High tearing strength.
  • Good resistance to UV radiation, ozone, fats and oils.
  • High wear resistance.


  • Low temperature dependence.
  • Good hydrolysis resistance.
  • Low heat build-up.
  • High impact resilience.