Solid polyurethane elastomer is the perfect construction material. Thanks to the endless possible formulations, material properties can be tailored to answer almost all needs and requirements.

Making full use of our modern processes, wide knowledge of the material and extensive experience from many areas of technology, we can help solve problems in all sorts of applications. We put our CAD and analysis programs at your service for everything from concept and design proposals to tool development and production. We are happy to help you all the way from prototype to full-scale manufacture.

Solid polyurethane elastomer The above approach and the market’s widest and most flexible production equipment mean that we can handle most types of materials and manufacturing methods. We also have a laboratory where, from raw material checks to the properties of finished products, we continuously monitor production results.

For the usual test methods prescribed in standards (hardness, stress-strain, compression set, tearing strength, moduli of elasticity in tension and compression), we have purpose-specific equipment.
Large, quality assured castings that satisfy stringent requirements have become something of a speciality for us. For example, full traceability has been a feature of our operations ever since we started in 1975.

“Customised solutions in polyurethane are our standard. It is your requirements and needs that determine the form and function of the final product.”

Vårt kvalitetssystem och miljöledningssystem är certifierade i enlighet med
SS-EN ISO, 9001 och 14001.