Solid Polyurethane elastomer, PUR, is the ideal construction material. Thanks to the endless possibilities for variation, it is possible to formulate the properties of the material to meet almost all needs and requirements.

We know PUR and have experience of developing solutions for widely different industries for use in many different applications.

Solid Polyuretan elastomer är det ideala konstruktionsmaterialet.

With a broad knowledge of the material, solid experience from several technology areas and modern technology, we can help solve problems in the most diverse types of applications.

With the help of CAD and analysis programs, we help with everything from idea, design proposal, tool development and production. From prototype to full-scale production. This in combination with the market’s widest and most flexible production equipment means that we can handle most material types and manufacturing methods. We also have a laboratory where we continuously monitor the production results, everything from raw material control to properties of the finished product.

For the usual standard test methods such as hardness, stress-strain, setting, tear strength and E-modulus in tensile and pressure, we have appropriate equipment.

Large quality-assured castings with rigorous requirements have become something of a speciality. For example, complete traceability has been with us since we started our business in 1975.

“Customized solutions with polyurethane are our standard.
It is your requirements and needs that are crucial for the ultimate
design and function of the product. “

ISO 9001

Our quality system and environmental management system are certified in accordance with
SS-EN ISO, 9001 and 14001.

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