We can help you with roller coating. UW-ELAST is a leader in the Nordic region when it comes to the development and manufacture of polyurethane products. We have many years of experience in roller coating and today we perform coating with mainly polyurethane, also rubber through our affiliated company Gotlands Gummifabrik. You can hire us for roller coating of both small and large rollers.


Ribbon-flow is the technology used for roller coating in larger dimensions with SLITAN® – our polyurethane.
It is about using polyurethane as a coating. A floating belt is laid out on a rotating roller at the same time as the belt is moved along the mantle surface of the roller.
The technology is reminiscent of turning with the difference that the material is built on instead of being turned away. In this way, it is possible to build up varying thicknesses which are then turned to the correct dimension.

Rollers can be coated with several hundred kilos of polyurethane – quickly and rationally. The method is effective when coating large rollers in demanding applications.
Our capacity is rollers with a diameter of 2500 mm, length 8000 mm with weight up to 12 tons.
Ex. Drum roller, Ribbon-FlowS-Work roller, Breaking roller, Brake roller, Joint roller etc.


By using the ribbon-flow technology for roller coating, we can give new life to old rollers, primarily of steel or aluminium.
If needed, we can also come to you and do the job on site. Especially those of our customers who have such large rollers that they are difficult to move, appreciate our mobile services.
The advantages of roller coating are several, but it can be stated that there is no doubt that roller coating provides a significantly longer service life for the rollers. This of course saves money, but it means that you do not have to manufacture new rollers to the same extent and that is positive for our environment.


  • UW-ELAST performs roller coating with polyurethane.
  • The technique for coating rollers is called Ribbon-Flow.
  • Roller coating can be performed on both new and older rollers.
  • The capacity is rollers with a maximum diameter of 2.5 meters and 8 meters long, with a weight of up to 12 tons.
  • Coating of roll with polyurethane gives longer life for the roll.
  • Thanks to roller coating, you save money and have a less environmental impact.

Contact us at UW-ELAST AB if you want more information about roller coating with Ribbon-flow.

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Roller coating

Roller coating with Ribbon-Flow

Roller coating with Ribbon-Flow