We are your partner as a complete supplier who can offer many different materials and manufacturing methods to our customers. In the future, we will strengthen the investments in our machine park to be able to handle several simultaneous processes. This means that we increase our capacity significantly to further guarantee our customer’s superior service and quality! That’s what Henrik Jungert, CEO of UW-ELAST, says.

Over the next five years, UW-ELAST will almost double its sales according to our plans. With new machines, newly developed technology and with a constant ambition to develop innovative solutions for our customers’ needs and applications, the business will continue its rapid development!

Being Scandinavia’s leading company in the manufacture of small and large products in polyurethane naturally demands constant improvement processes. It also requires that all cogs in the highly efficient organization are more or less self-propelled.

– One might think that we are lucky to have so many talented and skilled employees. But I think it’s actually more skill than luck. We have consistently recruited capable, skilled people who want to move forward and who are open and have a willingness for new projects. Curiosity is also a strong driving force for everyone who works here, regardless is they are placed in the office developing a product or are the one who facilitates our production, says Henrik Jungert.

An area where UW-ELAST has strengthened its positions in recent years is as an active partner in several of the customers’ own development projects. When UW-ELAST gets a chance to enter a customer’s project in an early stage, we can contribute more.

– We see that we can contribute to our customers’ development and match their needs with better – or even new – solutions when we get to participate as a partner already in the beginning of a project. Not infrequently, we become a part of the development of new products for our customers. We are of course very proud of that, says Henrik Jungert.

– Our next step in the development of UW-ELAST is to be able to cast really large and qualified products in polyurethane. It is a big challenge for us. But it is a natural part of our ambition to never settle down and be happy with what we have. We always want to get better! And we do this by having demanding customers who ensure that we develop and improve, Henrik Jungert concludes.