Concrete Mixer

At UW-ELAST, we produce completely customized linings for concrete mixers. We tailor the lining to perfectly fit your mixer. The age of your mixer does not matter. The tiles consist of a perforated sheet at the bottom with 25-30 mm Trekollan material, our polyurethane material.

Benefits for your business and concrete mixer:

  • Significantly longer service life than wear rubber and sheet steel
  • Less firing of concrete
  • Easier to inspect and clean
  • Silences the noise
  • Lower cost per cubic meter

UW-ELAST has made major investments in developing customized solutions for the concrete industry, which includes products such as floor mixers and free-fall mixers for concrete mixers. UW-ELAST AB has manufactured mixing blades for Fejmert, Skako and Wiggert and others. In addition, there is continuous new production and reloading of drive wheels.


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